Where is Pyrology Glass made?

100% made in Philadelphia, USA.


Can I buy glass direct from Pyrology Glass?

No, Pyrology Glass is a wholesale only company, product is available through authorized retailers.


Where to buy legit Pyrology Glass?

Only through authorized retailers listed on our store locator page.


Does Pyrology Glass sell second quality glass?

Absolutely not, only first quality glass leaves the studio.


Does Pyrology Glass do repairs?

Yes if possible. Evaluated on a case to case basis if the repair makes sense financially & will return the piece to it’s original form.


How do I have a piece repaired / have a quality control issue evaluated?

Through the retailer where the piece was originally purchased. The piece must be 110% clean or will be discarded (strict policy). In most repair cases to expedite the process a picture will help to see if a repair is possible The retailer will handle the repair, evaluation, replacement. Any fees associated will be equated and that of the retailer. All questions about the process should be forwarded to the retailer. The retailer is your line of communication.


I lost my screw cap.

Screw caps are available through our retailers and on our webstore. Certain retailers stock them, some do not. The cap itself has a 13-415 finish, any cap with a 13-415 or 13-425 finish will fit. Googling “13-415 or 13-425 screw cap” will will show you the way. We recommend a PTFE liner for longevity but even rubber will suffice.


What is the screw cap for?

It’s main design was to enhance the flushing / cleaning ability. Similar in concept to a faucet aspirator, the extra intake (with the cap off) creates a vacuum allowing in cases to clean without use of cleaning agent. Additional benefits include easy removal of hard to reach water, keeping residue off of joint stem & mouthpiece, and quick water level correction.


How do I become a retailer?

First you must obtain an EIN and physical business address. Send information to Pyrology Glass via the “Become an Account” form under the “Authorized Retailers” page of this website or email. Accounts are evaluated on a case to case basis.


Does Pyrology Glass utilize reps?

No! Don’t be fooled the only place to get wholesale Pyrology Glass is through Pyrology Glass.


How do I report issues about illegitimate/fake Pyrology Glass?

Email contact@pyrologyglass.com with the subject of the issue (i.e. FAKE PYROLOGY) pictures help very much!! All legit PRODUCTION Pyrology Glass will be outfitted with a platinum label & screw cap – any PRODUCTION piece found without, please send info to said email above.