With a serious emphasis being placed on creating as much custom art as possible, we think it’s about time to fill everyone in on the details regarding our “IN-HOUSE FIRE” or “IHF” selection.  First and most important every single Pyrology custom is just that, a one-off piece.  With so many options for component details & colorways our possibilities to create one-offs are virtually endless. For example there will only ever be one all Purple Rain, Hollow-Foot OG Recycler with a 14mm Female joint.  In addition to working with the best/most popular colored glass on the market, we’ve also began to experiment with custom-color blends in-house.  Giving these pieces an even more unique look, and with the emergence of our first in-house color “SKRILLA”, the prospects are looking extremely bright.. no pun intended.  All color is worked from rod form via furnace pulls or coil-potting in our studio by lead artists EF Norris & Jae Solo.  Once completed a rigorous inspection & water-test is given, only 100% perfect pieces will reach market.  The demand for these pieces is quite high, the best way of obtaining one is to contact your local shop/gallery and have them get in touch with us.  They’re not “made to order” but more of a “this is what’s available now” type thing, so if you don’t see your flavor just yet… Be patient, it’s coming!!

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